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Surface Protection


Alpha Anodising UK Ltd is proud to be a British Manufacturing Company. The business was first established in 1972 to fulfil a requirement for quality black anodising of motion picture equipment. Since then the team here at Alpha have built an enviable reputation for producing some of the finest and highest quality anodising the UK has to offer and have grown to serve clients across a range of industries around the world, from high end consumer electronics to industrial process equipment.

Alpha Anodising UK Ltd have recently achieved Aero Standard EN9100:2018 Certification (technically equivalent to AS9100D).

Anodising is an electrochemical process used to produce durable and decorative finishes on components made of aluminium or aluminium based alloys.

Untreated aluminium naturally produces a protective oxide coating on exposure to the atmosphere. Whilst this natural oxidisation offers some protection from corrosion, it is very thin and should not be considered suitable for long term protection.

At Alpha Anodising we replicate and control the growth of this coating by anodising, offering your product greater protection along with range of cosmetic pre and post-treatment finishes. See Our Services Page for more details of what we are able to offer.

Contact Us now to find out how Alpha Anodising can transform and protect your products, creating the professional finish your customers expect. We like to go that extra mile for all of our clients so if you have any questions or ‘impossible’ requests, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your project in more detail.

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Butterfly Tree

A London Education Partnership Award 2007
Designer - Mai Yoshida


Datalogger Box

This two part box and lid, machined by one of our partners, must have a perfectly uniform finish and colour match


Special Edition Air Rifle Breech Block

The breech block comes from the flagship model of a world class Airgun Manufacturer.


Musical Flutes

These Highly decorative, mirror polished, colour anodised Musical Whistles are another example of the reputation Alpha has for processing world class finishing on regular basis.


Omni Cell Spectrometer Cassettes

This Highly cosmetic is Manufactured by Alpha an is supplied from Sheet metal then Mirror Polished, Anodised either Black or Bordeaux Red and Cameo Printed.

Alpha Anodising can advise you on the type of surface treatment most appropriate for your product based on its working environment and required final appearance.


Alpha Anodising are a BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and EN9100:2018 approved company.